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Well, I've been running my Acetone-powered CiViC around for a couple of days - only had a chance to clock, like, 50 miles of city driving since adding 2-ounces of 100% Acetone 'fingernail polish remover' to my fuel.

I don't want to make ANY declarations this early in the game, but I'll have to say it's starting up and running just fine. It *seems* to have smoothed out my high-compression, high-performance, B16A2 engine - which has been running rather edgy since I switched to regular gas a while back.

The Acetone makes my ride *feel* like I'm running premium gas again (which Honda recommends) although this is likely a placebo effect.

It's too early to say if my FE has been affected. I've mostly been attending meetings the last couple of days. However, I'll be back to my 88-mile daily commute this coming week, and we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, so far, so good!
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