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2003 ram

Hey everyone, new here. Hope this is ok posting in the sub forum..
I have a 2003 ram 1500 quad cab 4x4 5.7 L v8 3.92 gearing.

So far from a fuel efficient vehicle! I use it enough for work, and insurance is so expensive in my area that by the time I buy a car and insure it im behind $ wise. That may change in the future as I don't think I'll be needing the truck as much and might downsize to a car or not as good but more useful to me a small suv or minivan.

I have always been interested in the numbers, fuel consumption and speed etc etc.. But I do like hp and speed and v8s. But with gas increasing again I'd like to push my fuel economy higher.
I have beat the epa 15 mpg on highway a few times running up 16-17 mpg.
My commute to work is only 8.4 kms. (5.3 miles)

I'm on a 80 km/h road that is busy so I usually end up briskly accelerating then onto a road that changes a a few times from 60 down to 50 back to 60 etc. 1 stop light I turn right at and left on the way home and 2 stop signs.
Just this week I've been getting back into trying to improve my mileage, last week I was only at around 14 mpg. sitting at 15.8 right now( on overhead readout which I've found to be pretty accurate. I did have a mostly rural road 80km trip included that I was over 16 mpg so I'm trying to maintain close to that as possible on my local commute .
I will hand calculate when I fill up. Just filled my tires up again to max sidewall, I'm embarrassed they were pretty low for someone who is quite mechanically inclined and keeps an eye on that stuff.

Anyway this is way too long of a post. But has anyone else made a decent increase in mpg in a pickup truck mostly by driving habits?

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