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ZZ Topper

Yes the forward bulkhead is of 3/4 ply to provide stability from twist and for attachment to box. Also a crucial element of the clam lift feature is the continuous hinge I found after much searching. I believe it is from Moore Industries comes in 8 foot lengths and is very burley. It is polypro as well and can be bonded with West System G-Flex with good effect. The ply bulkhead also allows mechanical fastening with SS screws.
Topper has gas lifts and I have it set to clam up to above parallel with the pickup box bed. This allows me to carry taller items and I have a sleeping platform just below the top of the p-u box with sliding cargo carrier below. I can haul copious amounts of camping and fishing and hunting gear in 16" high Rubbermaid tubs there. I mate the truck/camper with a tent made to enclose an suv for camping and adventures. This gives me a stand up space to dress, sit and cook. I can drive away by day and then back into at night.
There is a three part Lexan window in the rear allowing good driving visibility. It is like the vertical window in a Prius. This was built I think in 2013 so before the proliferation of inexpensive back up cameras. I will install one later if I keep the truck.
I build my own boats and if I wasn't so keen on experimenting with the honeycomb product I would have built it from wood strips like my kayaks and trimaran as MacSkyver did. Wood is inexpensive and hard to beat for stiffness and ease of gluing and shaping. I knew going in that the honeycomb would take much longer and more fussing. I'm certain wood strips shaped to bead and cove edges would have been one third the work and I could have finished it bright in 6 oz glass and epoxy, shot it with auto clear coat which is my preferred finish for brightwork on boats and it would have lasted years with no attention. If it ever gets too beat up or unsightly it would take a coat of truck matched paint and go another several years. When I replace this truck I'll sell the cap too and do the next one with wood strips like a canoe/kayak.
I've had several requests to build one for other Toyo owners. And frequent complimentary comments.
Thanks for your interest, MW
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