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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Running the same forum platform over a decade doesn't help either. I wish this forum were easier to use, and other forums have a "dark mode".
Not sure this forum is harder to use than the dumpster fire that is modern infinite scroll

99% of those lost a bunch of features after conversion
The search became worse
Forums with a garage or individual member related pages broke
The username logins get hidden on a phone (gotta use fbook or turn the phone horizontally to find the one page with the remaining login button)
Photo attachments manage to become worse (or removed entirely like mynissanleaf)
Colors are terrible although dark mode is nice

The best case scenario I’ve seen of an old forum updated is the vogons forum conversion and even that one added unwanted mandatory features (like categorizing your photo links/attachments with a liability waiver classifying it as public domain/ free use etc)
and screwed up active topics and other shortcuts

Most vehicle forums I have seen convert to modern have lost a lot of membership so I’m not sure the classic example of vertical scope coming in converting to infinite scroll with dark mode is a good example and I can think of no good examples only neutral +

Although a huge undertaking if the forum could improve what it has with an optional alternate browsing mode that would have to be the fine line needed to thread the kneedle without killing the forum

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