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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
The description of what ecomodding is features only ICE platforms when it refers to "pumps" :

Maybe this should use more PHEV and BEV language, too.
Possibly it also has something to do with most EVs being quite harder to mod their stock powertronics, yet some models reaching the need for a battery replacement could make it interesting to look at improvements and retrofits.

Also, we draw interest from folks with work trucks of a few types. Why don't we build on that. Truck subforums. More representation of them on the main page. Improving a work truck's EPA fuel economy by 10% is still ecomodding, even if it still gets under 20 MPG US.
That's a good point, not only for work truck owners but also for those who buy one for private use as they prefer brand-new while a more conventional car would be on short supply.
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