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Originally Posted by ME_Andy View Post
That's wild. I have a high end laptop that can run just about anything within reason and its power supply is only 240W. I guess people are always taking things to extremes.
Yes! And laptops are a prime example of how much energy can be saved. They're usually a little less powerful as far as processing goes than an "equivalent" tower PC, yet they use half the electricity or less. They still use a lot more than they did years ago.

However, even ultra efficient systems can easily meet the demands of the general public and casual gamers. Apple is proving this with their M1 chips. I also have a Surface Go that averages only 4.1W of power. And yet I can hook up two more monitors (three total) all the extra peripherals I need (scanner, printer, Blu-ray burner/reader, etc) and play really nice looking popular 3D games (Portal 2 for an example), all at the same time!

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