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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
A new low for the Raspberry Pi, the Pico microcontroller. It can run retro games and put out a VGA signal, and it's four dollars. Raspberry Pi Pico - This Pi Is Not Like The Others

With one USB port and 26 IO pins, you hold down a button when you plug it into a host computer and it acts like a storage device.
Thanks! I'm quite aware of the Raspberry Pi and various Arduino type microcontrollers. But the problem with that setup for gaming is emulation, that is, a program that has to interpret the game "ROM" to something the Pi can understand, which inevitably intruduces issues, be they minor or game-breaking.

I have a collection of a few old consoles and recently got a De10-nano field programable gate array. I haven't quite gotten to setting it up, but by being able to replicate the hardware I hope to avoid the problems that can arrise with emulation.

I do have two CRT's. One is a VGA 1080P monitor and the other is a NTSC 480i TV. Both are of the "Trinitron" variety. I'm moding the NTSC TV so it will accept an RGB signal.
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