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Originally Posted by Cd View Post

I wanted to ask everyone here what their opinion is of Quonset huts.
I am interested in the Boxabl home, but am also looking at other options.
From what I have read, Quonset huts are not as efficient as normal homes.
What are some of the main drawbacks of Quonset huts ?
If you install inner walls and insulation, would this make the huts as efficient as a normal home ?
Would that just be senseless, since you are building a home within the hut itself, and could just build it without the hut in the first place ?

They are extremely cheap to buy, but what is the true cost once they are installed ?
Do they require any roofing maintainance besides caulking around the bolts and such every few years ?

I see the main drawback as the lack of space, and lack of light. How easy is it to cut sections in the roof and add skylights ? ( using corrugated plastic sheets )

I'm also looking at those round tentlike homes ( can't think of the name at the moment )
Efficiency can mean many things
That hut is not space efficient

Energy efficiency is based on internal area versus contact surfaces

A short large diameter hut could be very efficient
Just need to realize the “walls” are all considered roofing area which needs more insulation

If memory serves they are illegal within the city here (for new construction) so always check your cities beautification nut jobs before going too far

Next if legal the spray on foam roofing that businesses use make excellent waterproofing and insulation on a hut could get r50+ on the outside

Lastly metal structures that are insulated are regionally limited by humidity, they are notorious for mold if placed in the wrong climate which means mandatory dehumidification if you live in the wrong environment

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