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I just put the $100 reservation down on the Lightning. After looking at a few of the newer videos of the "pro" model, the one that starts at $40k, I think that looks good for me. Then with all the talk for the extra tax rebates for made in the USA and union shop going up to $12,500 it makes it a no-brainer. Even at $7500 and paying full MSRP, that puts it $34,500 which I can afford. Last time I checked the used value on the Pacifica hybrid and it's worth more than I have in it. I'll keep it until what will be a long wait I'm sure for the Lightning because guess what my reservation number is? Over 11 million!

The standard range pro still has a nice big touchscreen and all of the driving software, nice console, PW, PL, cruise, keyless entry, 4wd, independent rear suspension, a 32 amp 240 volt level 2 charger, 5000 pound tow rating, 2000 pound payload, nice 18" aluminum wheels.

$10,000 more gets you the extended range which is only 70 miles more but it does then have an 80 amp dual cord charger which will recharge pretty fast in you garage. That also has a little more horsepower but the same torque which I think is what you will feel. Plus you will be 200-300 pounds lighter in the standard range so acceleration may be pretty similar.

EDIT, I just read somewhere the reservation numbers started at 10,800,000. If that's the case that puts me at about 377,000. That sounds better but I also read that the yearly production capacity is only 80,000 so unless a bunch of people cancel, I may have the Pacifica for a few more years and I wouldn't get any tax incentives unless they expand that program as well. If they do go past the tax incentives and don't expand I'll be getting a refund.

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