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You can drill brake drums as well.

Drilled Drums - CH Topping Brakes
Drilled Drums
Project Plymouth gets a decades-old brake trick… Drilled Drums Text by Dave Hill / Photos by Jerry Weesner and Dave Hill . What's the first thing you think of when considering updating your '50s cars brakes? Discs of course. There are many ways of adapting discs these days, the easiest of which is ordering a kit from one of our advertisers.

Drilling Brake Drums | The H.A.M.B.
The Herb Adams mod consists of drilling five 1" holes in the face of the drum on the flat areas between the studs and outboard of the stud circle. The backing plate is also drilled. This uses the motion of the drum to pump air through the brakes and help cool them. The modification instructions never mention drilling the braking surface of the ...
That really helps if you drive through standing water.
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