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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I still don't know why major auto manufacturers wouldn't do trikes if there was a market for them. A mass produced trike should cost like $7,000 considering a 4-wheeled Mirage goes for $14k and had to undergo plenty of safety and environmental regulatory testing and certification.
They don't build them because there isn't a market for them at the price the would need to sell for and still make money. Polaris is the largest UTV manufacture in the USA. They know how to make this type of vehicle efficiently. The cheapest bare-bones Polaris UTV is the Ranger 500 and it sells for $10K

For reference - Polaris made a 5% profit margin in 2019 so it isn't like they could drop the price and still make money. It always cracks me up when a start-up claims they will make vehicle for less than large players with huge economy of scale.

(Honda's cheapest UTV is also a 500cc and sell fro $8500. Cheaper is possible if you build offshore and import)
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