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Originally Posted by SkauneJohan View Post
i think it also has to do with car makers wanting to make more money, modern cars with disc all round often need rear discs replaced and rear brakes serviced, cannot remember ever having that problem with rear drums

rusty rear discs anyone?
I've never had a problem with rusty disc brakes.

Both of my 2nd gen Prius had an issue where they would rust after a rain and during the first stop they would lock momentarily with a crunch at 7 mph. (The Prius switches from regen to friction brakes at 7 mph) To solve this I would put the car in neutral for the first brake after a rain storm (which turned off regen) and would brake with friction brakes to clean things up. Braking down from 25 mph was enough to clear off the rust in one stop. From then on everything worked fine.

I also had one of the Prius rear parking brakes freeze in the on position in cold weather. The road was slick enough their wasn't enough friction to break it loose so it stayed locked for about a mile. That lit up a bunch of warning lights!
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