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Mom has been sick, so I have needed to take care of all of the food, run all of the errands, etc. I just got home and still haven't finished breakfast. I am hoping to have a bit of lunch before my first client in 43 minutes, but there aren't any guarantees. I need to try to get a hold of a new client again, print off 3 forms from 2 people, fill them out, and then scan them back in on the office printer 4" under the loft, so that is a pain. I need to work on materials, figure out how to sell the remanufactured iPhone 7 I bought Mom. It works perfectly, she just insisted that it was too small. She couldn't read the screen, so I ordered a refurbished 7+, which she refused to use, insisting that it didn't work.

"It doesn't work" is Mom for "I don't want to use it."

When I finally took the time to convince her to actually communicate she complained that it didn't have some app, which I had repeatedly told her was included in another app. She kept saying that she was going to have someone else install it, but finally used the app that she already had.

That wasn't her only complaint, though, like her contacts didn't transfer over, even though I totally went through the steps.

I went to redo it and she had lost the 7. I am unsure that she started using the 7+ while I was still able to return the 7, but I definitely wasn't able to return it while she lost it.

She blames me for everything, but her bedroom is straight out of an episode of "Hoarders", and she usually has junk throughout the house, so yeah, it was in there somewhere--and my fault.

Then I need to find someone to take my last mattress, specifically-designed for back sleepers who wake up with back pain, except that I woke up with a sore back after four hours my first night.

It cost over four times as much as my previous mattress and I didn't wake up with back pains for about 2.5 years.

The other one didn't claim to be specifically-designed for people who wake up with back pain.

I still haven't sold my old laptop. Ones without new motherboards sell on eBay for more than I paid for my new bed.

I haven't worked on any of our cars. My Accord is leaking something. If it is transmission fluid that would explain my issues a few months ago.

The neighbor wants me to move my Civic--sideways.

Guys from Church helped me move it back up towards the gate, but we cannot steer it, so what were we supposed to do when it started steering a little towards the neighbor's property?

Push harder?

How do I move a nonrunning car sideways?!

I haven't worked on converting the shed into an office.

The neighbor wanted me to remove some trees growing between the chain link fence between properties and the wooden fence that Dad had me put in. I took down 2 sections of fence, treated the boards (should I have done that earlier? ), cut the trees, removed the needles from the neighbor's pine trees, and put down weed barrier with a layer of gravel.

I need to do the rest of the fence, though.

So, no, I don't read every article I see, but I don't see how new vehicles have anything to do with me, so I don't take the time away from everything that I am going on.
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