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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
But suppose you don't NEED to sacrifice; that you have the option of a technology that gives you high efficiency with no penalty for quick acceleration? Consider the Tesla, for instance, as an alternative to a conventional ICE-powered car.
Sorry, forgot to mention I'm dirt poor. lol.

Actually, I believe the technology exists but just isn't available to me. I do see the option of the xr3 hybrid with some help from my family. I tried to revive that thread and I want to see if anyone responds with some useful info. I have seen pics of the tesla but if something were to fail on it, I don't have the ability to fix it or purchase new parts. The simple, 3 cylinder diesel in the xr3 would probably be more suited to my wrench.

In all honesty though, I have not even looked anything up on the tesla, only saw the pics. I could be wrong about my ability and the parts as well. Certainly wouldn't be the first time.
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