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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
I hope they don't weigh more than 100lbs each, those seats must be effing tiny!

Just because you can get that many seats in a vehicle doesn't mean you should.
Ya, they better be pretty small.

My brother and I are around 220lbs each. By the time you put us two in the front the other 5 passengers will need to weigh about 400lbs total. And that's without luggage. Add 100 lbs of luggage and each of the 5 passengers in back must weigh an average of 60lbs.

To put things into perspective, the Model Y has way more cargo space and up to two more places for passengers than my Avalon. And a lot of those place are actually more roomier per passenger except the rear two. But at the same time the Model Y has a weight carrrying capacity of a 1972 Super Beetle.

My question is Y?

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