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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
After 4 punctures in 5 years I'm ready for airless tires.

Michelin claims

"Michelin says it will withstand much greater impacts than a regular tire and wheel, and will have a "dramatically" longer lifespan, while adding no extra rolling resistance, not feeling any different to the driver and adding only around seven percent to the weight of the wheel less than existing run-flat tires do."

I can't see why an airless tire would last longer. Tires normal wear out due to tread wear. Given the same tread depth and rubber compound I can't see why an airless tire would wear slower than a conventional tire. Maybe they are counting longer life due to tires not failing early due to punctures?
First, I would be very careful about what Michelin claims. Don't forget, they are responsible for the TRX which left many people high and dry for tire replacements.

Second, because of the difference in the way an airless tire COULD be manufactured, the rubber COULD be quite different and not have some of the processibility issues some rubber compounds have.

For example, some retread rubber is processed using a high pressure press, so the rubber can be made stiffer, and therefore wears longer.

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