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tar pits

Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
My understanding from the aforementioned PBS Eons was mammoths were as far south as the Labrea tar pits in south central LA. Heat wasn't an issue, food sources were, as also hunting pressures and possibly long gestation times
From my very foggy memory:
On a late-1950s Los Angeles County School District, elementary school field- trip, to both the La Brea Tar Pits, and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, the Wooly Mammoth was well represented.
My young mind was also fascinated by the fact that, as tar bubbles, close to the edge of the pits, burst, they flung tar 'shingles' onshore, which the local indigenous people used as roofing on their shelters.
Later, in high school, and on weekends, I worked with a close friend Rick, at his step-father Milton's commercial roofing business, in the Southern California area.
The smell of that hot, 500- degree F asphalt became a reminder to the grade-school trip to the 'Pits.'
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