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I always go easy on the gas and usually shift at about 1500-2000 RPM's. I always let completely off the gas going down a hill that is steep enough to keep my speed where I want and take advantage of DFCO (deceleration fuel cut off) then as soon as I hit the bottom of the hill I accelerate lightly before losing any momentum to keep the speed up. I also try to keep 100-200 feet between me and the car in front of me that way when they lightly brake I can just let off of the gas and coast and lots of times never have to use my brakes at all, that way I not wasting energy I've already used. If you are driving in an area where the speed limit drops let off of the gas in time to get down to the new speed limit about the time you get to it then you don't have to brake to slow down. By using these techniques and driving about 50-55 MPH I'm getting almost 45 MPG combined city/highway on my '88 Escort with a 1.9L 4 speed manual transmission. The old EPA rating on it is 37 MPG combined. A vacuum gauge might also help you then you can see how much load you're putting on the engine. I have noticed since I put one in my '88 Escort that sometimes I can ease off the gas just slightly and still maintain the same speed, but the engine vacuum may go up 3-7 in/Hg meaning the engine is running more efficient. My '88 Escort also has a shift indicator, but I don't pay any attention to it. I shift as early as I can without loading up the engine. A bad oxygen sensor can cause mileage to drop 25-30%. How long has it been since the car had a tune up? Bad plugs or wires can cut drastically into your mileage. Check all of your vacuum lines to make sure none of them are cracked or off that can cause a large drop in FE. Be sure your tires are up to a least the maximum sidewall pressure and check them about once a month. I always try to check mine the first week of each month that way I know when they were last checked. Jack the car up at all four corners and roll the wheels with your hands to make sure they are rolling freely you could have a brake dragging, a bad wheel bearing or the wheel bearings could need repacking. Try to time your traffic lights so you never have to come to a complete stop. I've read that it takes about 20% more gas to get a car moving from a dead stop than if you can keep it rolling. If you haven't run any injector cleaner through it lately it might be a good idea dirty fuel injectors don't give a good spray pattern and cost you FE. I noticed you're in Charlotte, we're practically neighbors I live in Mt. Pleasant over in Cabarrus county. Good luck.

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