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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Is it possible to safely remove a compressor motor and place it somewhere besides UNDER the fridge ??
I'd be more interested on finding another location for the coils, such as above the fridge in order to allow convection naturally increase heat rejection, as they work in a way similar to the condenser of an air conditioner. Just like the split air conditioners now have the condenser mounted remotely.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I got the impression that adding insulation to the OUTSIDE of a refrigerator is not a good idea because of the coils in the walls of the refigerator.
If it had more clearance from the walls of the refrigerator, adding insulation between the walls and the coils would make more sense than doing it inside the refrigerator.

I have read thar a frig that is packed full of food is more efficient than one that is empty, but I also recall getting the impression that a freezer that needs to be deiced because it is completely packed with ice is less efficient.
I'm confused.
It's always better to leave some space for the air circulate through convection, even if you pack the fridge up near to its full volume.
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