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Originally Posted by Daschicken View Post
Are these tank averages or using the lie-o-meter? I had a 2019 sentra rental when my V6 accord got rear ended and it was significantly off. My experience with eco mode was that it just offered a visible guide on the dashboard to keep the engine below 1700 RPM, I don't think it changed the throttle response for mine. The fake shifting drove me crazy, so I tried to use very low throttle to stay in true CVT territory.

Hand calculated and fill up at the same gas station each time. I'd like to be able to get gas everywhere but due to some issues with my bank, there's literally one gas station in the area where I can buy gas without my debit card getting shut off

The lie-o-meter on the gauge cluster always says I get 55 MPG.

Originally Posted by 2016 Versa View Post
My Ultra Gauge doesn't give any indication that the 1.6L in my Versa uses DFCO. I suspect you still have a pretty good margin of possible improvement. I've been driving my Versa since Feb. 2019. My worst tank to date is the first tank I ran through it at 42.345 MPG in cold/damp winter weather. Most of my driving is in the 40-45 MPH range on secondary country roads with c/c set. My overall average since purchase is currently at 50.1 MPG with my best ever tank about a month ago at 58.908 MPG. A little tip that I've found useful is when using c/c feather the gas on uphill runs to keep speed up and RPM's from going crazy because the speed dropped 1MPH below set speed. All my numbers are hand calculated. The dash readout has proven to regularly show about 4-8 MPG optimistic. On the tank that got 58.908 MPG my dash readout was showing over 65 MPG.
I haven't hooked up anything to the car yet. I do have a bluetooth OBDII adapter that should show me that info. Just going by the instant MPG gauge. However, even without DFCO, it drops the RPMs all the way and keeps the torque converter locked so it still would be using very minimal amount of fuel while driving like that.

Cruise Control in this as absolutely not friendly as i have learned. Exactly as you have mentioned - it drops some speed on hills then goes crazy trying to catch up. It's like it lags.

I rarely use cruise control. Keeps me from falling asleep while driving

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