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Hey this looks super cool. I'm a new member here and am just reading a lot right now. I have a 1995 honda civic ex and would like one of these, where the scanguage and other stuff doesn't work on my OBD1 vehicle.

I've visited your website and it looks like you're currently out of stock of the touch screen option. Is that still correct or is that old info? From my reading, it looks like you've updated some things on your website recently, so maybe you're still out.

Also worth mentioning, I'm mechanically and electronically proficient enough to install this, but have NO IDEA about coding or programming. I want a unit that I can wire in and will work without me having to code or program, other than selecting which measurements (imperial or metric) I want to use. Will be shipped to USA.

I think its awesome that you've undertaken this project. I hope it's a viable business for you that you're making enough money on. Props to you mate!
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