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Low RPM power from EV motors possible?

I've been thinking about a project to add some E-motor power to the
rear-end of my formerly 4WD CRV. A mild hybrid?
With the rear differential deleted, those rear wheels are just sitting back there free-wheeling.. Doing nothing.

So, I've been wondering if there is any off-the-rack motor/controller that could be connected directly to a rear axial shaft to add a few HP of EV power to my old CRV?

This would be an ICE assist system and wouldn't need to run in total EV mode.
My goal would be to add 5 to 10 HP of power to the rear wheels while the car was at highway speeds, & have regen if possible..

From what I've seen of EV motor specs, low rpm (wheel speed) with good HP isn't possible.

Looking for some advice please..



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