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constantly changing

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I'm sure most of these concepts of the fragile and perfect food web are garbage. Nature is constantly adjusting to changing conditions. The world doesn't collapse because bears stop salmon pooping in the mountains.

Gaia didn't provide a perfectly balanced nature that humanity ruins at every turn. We improve nature to make it suit our needs. Any other measure of "good nature" is fictitious because Gaia isn't real, and there aren't any other species with value systems. If salmon are "good", it's only because we say so. Apart from humanity, nature doesn't care if salmon exist or not.
The message from biologists is that, it is the 'rate' of change which evolutionary adaptation cannot keep pace.
Crustaceans, for instance, cannot evolve the ability to form body shells within a carbonic acid environment , as is seen rapidly accelerating in the world's oceans.
The entire marine food chain cannot evolve fast enough to survive without under- sea- ice algae, which forms its base, at the pace that we're losing polar sea ice. Once we achieve a 'blue ocean event' it's game over.
A collapse of the ocean fishery may be of no concern.
Soylent Green will get the 1%-ers by for awhile.
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