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This evening I'm wondering what to do with my swing axle five speed when it hit me ("Like the wet smack at the end of a hot fist" Firesign Theater), I could find a Type III swing axle subframe and convert it to rocker arms the graft it to a Citroen IICV front end.
1965 Mayan Magnum one-off prototype. This Mayan Magnum is a one-off custom coupe built in the mid-1960s by science-fiction writer and engineer, Dean Ing, who died in July 2020 and whose family still owns the vehicle. The car is powered by a Chevrolet Corvair 2.4L flat-six paired with a four-speed manual transaxle. Equipment includes Porsche- and Volkswagen-based brakes and suspension, front-hinged clamshell bodywork, gullwing doors, a double-bubble roofline, 15″ wide-five aluminum wheels, and latch-and-link lap belts.
I think this is a very interesting body, with the front fender pontoons and the tulip panel under the windshield very much like the Volkhart-Saggita. But on a smaller and lighter vehicle I'd go more spartan.

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