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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
This evening I'm wondering what to do with my swing axle five speed when it hit me ("Like the wet smack at the end of a hot fist" Firesign Theater), I could find a Type III swing axle subframe and convert it to rocker arms the graft it to a Citroen IICV front end.

I think this is a very interesting body, with the front fender pontoons and the tulip panel under the windshield very much like the Volkhart-Saggita. But on a smaller and lighter vehicle I'd go more spartan.
Get a JC Whitney 63 jag fiberglass front end. You could have custon axles built that would adapt the swing to IRS, BUT you're talking $$$$ and I have never heard of such a project, but I don't scrounge the NET much
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