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I thought that I could knock out the greenhouse today and still have time to write reports.

I figured out how to use a Powerpoint presentation as a Zoom background somewhat recently and I love it. Unfortunately it only works with Powerpoint, not WPS Office.

Unfortunately, I made a 54-page PDF of flashcards.

Powerpoint is far easier to use with Zoom even when I am not using it as a background.

Also, all of the images were designed for 8.5x11, not 16x9, so when I inserted a gallery it centered all of the images. in the middle, but when I use a Powerpoint background it puts my face in the corner, so I prefer to put materials on the other half of the screen.

I couldn't figure out how to easily move everything over, but I needed to revise the images before actually making a Powerpoint, so I added whitespace so they are 16x9.

I may have spent 5 hours making and then revising materials, plus I saw a client.

Hopefully I get the materials right for next week!

I really didn't want to call it a day with the project, but it was difficult enough pre-drilling holes and screwing 2x4s to the corner studs.

I thought about putting 4x4s in the corners. Had I found my post level that would have made things easier, but 4x4s seem overkill for supporting thin plastic sheets, regardless of the specific material and configuration.

I think the 4x4s are at the bottom of a pile anyway.

The whole time I worked out there I complained about the guy who built the garden box. What an amateur!

It isn't level! The corners aren't properly secured! The bottoms of the corners are barely secured at all and the dirt pushed the boards outwards!

I was able to set up 2 corners, each with 2 boards holding them plumb.

Two corners.

I am going to rent a truck when I pick up the plastic sheeting that I will use until I get the coroplast and get some real 10- and 12-foot boards.

I don't have the time to waste joining boards and I don't have a history of joining things straight.

Two corners!

Won't Mom be surprised when she goes to water her garden and finds 6 random boards screwed to her garden box!

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