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I guess this falls under the purview of 'renewable energy'?

Just A Car Guy: there's a guy on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu that makes and sells a coconut oil mixture of 85% coconut oil and 15% kerosene for use in diesel engines.
Tony Deamer, who runs a garage and car hire business in Vanuatu's capital Port Vila. makes “Island Fuel” which contains 85% of the purified and filtered coconut oil blended with 15% kerosene. No modifications are required in the diesel engines that use Island Fuel; however, engine pre‐heaters are recommended for colder areas.Tony Deamer says that this fuel has been tried and tested over many years and is now ready for retail sale. Unfortunately, the laws of Vanuatu do not allow the sale of Island Fuel, so he sells only the coconut oil to interested car owners. The minibus fleet owners in Porta Vila have been blending their own Island Fuel since 1995. The bus operators are completely satisfied with using it and they are reporting an increase in kilometers per litre when operating with the Island Fuel.
Deamer has also developed a simple, gravity-feed filtration system which removes water and free fatty acids from the oil, thereby lowering the temperature at which it solidifies. Mixing the purified oil with either diesel or kerosene also prevents it from thickening. In 2002, over 200 minibuses on the island were running on a coconut/diesel mixture....
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