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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
I also need to get serious about adding weatherstripping
If it's gonna be done in a similar way to how the firewall on JDM cars converted from RHD to LHD in Paraguay is sealed, with lots of those aluminium tapes and foils, it's not rocket-science. Most often I see weatherstripping done around the windscreen of some econoboxes.

Iím also planning to add subframe connectors and cut out the spare tire well to replace with a flat panel for weight reduction.
Replacing the spare tire well with a flat panel used to be more common in my country when certain cars were converted to CNG with underbody tanks. I have even seen a local derivative of the Opel Meriva converted such way, as it was a police cruiser and fitting the CNG tanks inside would be totally out of question. Sometimes the entire floor board of the trunk was removed, which could eventually allow you to save even further on weight depending on what replacement for the stock sheetmetal you end up using.
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