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The day that Xistt learned to charge his screwdriver

I made some progress, but not enough. This is where I left off on Monday:

Almost there!

This is where I left off on Wednesday:

I forget that most of the boards in the piles were 2x6es. There are a surprising number of 4x4s, too.

I am going to put 2 2x6es on each side because I don't have 3 2x4s.

By the way, it isn't 8x12. I think it is 6x10. I designed it to use exactly 10 sheets. I am not going to bother calculating how much I will have left over.

I couldn't find Dad's old measuring tape, so I didn't try measuring it with the little one that I could find.

I have the boards in the front measured and cut, 2 crossmembers, the rafters, and 3 whole boards in the back!

In the interest of getting as far as I could with what I had I screwed 2 2x4s together to make crossmembers.

I took down the 2 supports I had in the front because I was running out of boards and now it wobbles a little. I think that I will install cables across the roof to compensate.

I found 5 boards in the garage that were long enough for the back, so I am missing one.

Wait, I am still using 6 supports, and the full-sized boards on the corner are only there to position the actual corners. I need 3 boards for each side, plus 1 more for the back.


I designed this to use exactly 10 sheets of coroplast, but if I didn't have leftover shorter boards I would make the back wall about 47.5" instead of 56".

About the coroplast...

When I went to order it said "You're shopping Tempe!"

Tempe is 173 miles away.

I told it Show Low and added the sheets to my cart.

It showed Tempe, so I changed it to Show Low again and ordered. However, when I received my receipt it said that it is sending it to Tempe. I called and the lady said that all we can do is order again and actually send it to Show Low this time. We just wait for my sheets to arrive in Tempe, wait for them to give up on me, and wait for Home Depot to refund my money.

She asked if I wanted to order the coroplast again and I said "Not from your store."

I cannot find it for a reasonable price anywhere else! Bob bought some from Lowe's, but they don't have it in-stock.

For any lunatics out there, when I put
clear coroplast greenhouse 96"
into DuckDuckGo it shows 36 results. All of them are related to greenhouses, but otherwise they are useless. It doesn't show Home Depot or the $81 sheets that Lowe's has. It shows 2 24"x24" sheets and 2 eBay listings that are similar to what I ordered from Home Depot, but for over $1,000!

That is officially the highest price that I have seen!

Of course, I found about 20 sites that say "Request a quote!"

I think that I need to go in and request they order it sent to their store. Hopefully I could get my Veteran's discount. The best that I could do ordering from home was sign up for, which is supposed to give me 4% cash back, which I can redeem once a quarter through PayPal.

Guess who else I don't like?


Unfortunately, the sheets wouldn't arrive at the store until a couple of weeks from then, and I still need to figure out how to get them home.

The battery wore out in my cordless screwdriver, so when I installed the boards in the back I:
  1. Clamped my level to the board.
  2. Clamped the board to another board.
  3. Pre-drilled a hole in the top.
  4. Changed to the Phillips bit and put a screw in the top.
  5. Change back to the drill bit and drill a hole in the bottom.
  6. Change back to Phillips and put in a screw.
  7. Grab my level and mark where to cut.
  8. Remove the screws and cut the board.
  9. Install the board for real this time.
I also wish that I knew where my Triple Tap 3 Outlet Extension Cord from Harbor Freight is. It would be nice to not need to unplug my drill to use my saw and visa-versa.

Should I run 2 extension cords?

I need to cut and install 4 more boards across the back, 3 boards on each side, and install the rafters.

That doesn't sound too bad!

Another week?
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