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The greenhouse is up! :) It hasn't fallen down yet, so that's good! :D

I worked on it before my clients at noon. I worked on it before my client at 3:30. I worked on it after that client. I worked on it after the sun went down and as I started attaching the rafters in the front my second drill bit broke. I didn't think that I had any more the right size, so I cut off the rest of the plastic that once protected the drywall.

It barely covered the roof!

I ran to Home Depot, bought 2 more drop cloths, 2 replacement drill bits for $2.50, 3 sets of C9 incandescent Christmas lights, and a starfish-shaped power strip.

Behold! :P

Mom had mentioned putting sheets on her tomato plants on the patio, but said she didn't know where her extra sheets were. I had one and a new set from Walmart. Mom complained about me using a new set, but I wasn't using it, and they were from Walmart.

Sometime after it warms up today I am going to screw the rafters into the rest of the frame from the inside and I think I'll make a door!

For a 6'3" x 10' greenhouse I could have used 2 dropcloths. I wanted to remove the dirty fragment and use the third piece to cover the roof and front, but it just might have been big enough, and I had lots of overlap, so I had it cover the front and extend 2' around the corner.

I didn't trim the excess plastic from the piece that covered 3 sides and there was a great deal in the back. I pulled it tight and stapled the ends. I don't want six layers of plastic diffusing the sunlight that much more, but I was focused on finishing last night, getting inside, and going to bed.

My sister filled her backyard with a garden and I asked if it would be okay in the winter.

It still freezes in Phoenix.

She said she didn't know and I asked if she was interested in greenhouse panels. She said no and reminded me that she is taking Mom to Oregon soon. She asked if Mom could drive the panels back. I said it was a bad idea to ask a 74 year-old woman to strap a box with 10 4x8 panels to the roof of her car and drive it 3.5 hours through canyons, woods, and dead cell phone zones.

I just don't like Mom driving anyway. She always falls asleep when I drive her!

I told my sister that I could drive her down and then rent a pickup to pick up her and the panels. Costco can get me a rental for $110 with unlimited miles. I would vastly prefer that Home Depot just sent my stuff where I wanted it, but I prefer this to waiting for an eventual refund, and waiting for the store that messed up my order to send a second order to the correct location--hopefully.
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