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I was trying to take care of stuff this morning, but I was ready to take Mom to her appointment anytime. I was about to start screwing 1x2s onto the greenhouse to keep the plastic in place when she was finally ready.

She was 15 minutes late and we didn't leave Show Low until 1300.

The coroplast arrived--damaged. I need to drive over and see if I still want it. They will give me some kind of discount.

I don't see any good options. I doubt that dropcloths will be any good when we get back, but there may not be enough coroplast left, and if there is, how do I get it home? I wouldn't be able to make it down here until Saturday.

There is just no way. There aren't any available vehicles. I don't see an option besides saying that I cannot use those panels, order them again, and this time send them to the right store, but what am I going to do? Buy another 2 drop cloths for $30 each and this time secure them with furring strips?

Mom actually likes the bench I built around her at-least-mostly-dead potted plants on the patio. We will see what she thinks when I build a hoop house.

This really isn't help me shake the feeling that everything is futile and will fail.
"Oh if you use math, reason, and logic you will be hated."--OilPan4
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