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Question "Homebrew" Chevy Volt: Possible?

Ok, so, it looks like the thread I was trying to write got eaten by the Interwebs. So I had a thought a while back, and was wondering if anyone had done it, and if not, has anyone given it any thought, and is it possible.

First, a preface: My understanding of the way the Chevy Volt will work is that it will be a 100% EV drivetrain, is that correct? The 'hybrid' functionality comes in to play in that it has a gas engine which is strictly for charging the EV, is that correct?

Either way, the question is, is a setup like this possible?

My thought or "Hybrid Theory" (Linkin Park, anyone, eh, eh? ) here is that I would have an EV drivetrain, with no gas or other combustion based engine attached to it, and a gas or even CNG based engine built into the engine bay, or, if needed, the trunk area, that would (automatically?) start up and rev up to charge the EV system via an alternator, or some such business.

The basic setup is like this:

Electric Engine powered by batteries, capable of being wall-charged. If possible, I'd like to charge it off a 110 line. Any input?

Gas "charging" engine - Something like a scooter engine if possible, high revving and low fuel usage/output.

Automatic start/stop of gas charging engine based on a computer battery readout. Should be simple enough to rig up programmatically, yes?

I know this is probably a bit far out, but I want to know about the potential for this kind of system, and some sort of high-level layout for what I'd need to do. I'm also open to any opinions about this, up to and including "You're crazy."

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