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An interesting note about my city: it was recently revealed that even though we have community receptacles for recycling glass, it turned out that the city was just tossing it all out in the landfill (they said it cost more money to recycle it). It made a lot of people angry as they took the effort, thinking they were doing good for environment, when in fact they could've just tossed it in the garbage and it would've ended up in the same place anyway.
Heh... My county does something similar - and they still do... We have recycling pickup - but if there isn't enough trash for the incinerator/power plant, it all goes to the incinerator and eventually to the dump. The city calls it "recycling" because it's used to generate electricity :/

Oh... and trash pickup, for me, is VIA taxes too... We used to live in a city that did it by the bag - you had to buy special trash bags.
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