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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I always clutch it, and people tell me Iíll wear it out. By my estimation, clutching had to occur anyhow to get into neutral. Might as well keep it pushed in and avoid the synchro wear.
I assume you mean you hold the clutch down to coast instead of shifting to neutral? Never thought of that. My process has always been shift to neutral as I release the throttle without using the clutch (very easy and smooth if done properly). Then to go back into gear I blip the throttle, push clutch, shift into gear, and release clutch.

I can think of 2 downsides to coasting by holding the clutch instead of shifting to neutral. Obviously there's the leg fatigue and potential clutch/release bearing/thrust bearing wear. I think there would also be somewhat more drag than in neutral since the entire transmission/input shaft assembly is spinning rather than just the output side, but how significant this drag is I'm not sure.
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