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Good results on my 89 HF

I bought my 89 CRX HF over the summer. Previous owner was getting about what both of the other HF owners above have mentioned, between 41-43 mpg.

I will agree that driving habits help tremendously, but with the HF, it was designed for efficiency (High Fuel economy). When driving the HF, your goal is to always shift before you see the light come on, as long as you are driving on a flat surface. So in the first post made, you are doing the right thing by shifting according to the light. On other cars with shift lights that would be a different story.

The main thing I would suggest would be a complete engine tune-up. I am currently getting 53-55 mpg city/highway and I expect that to improve with other modifications.

My suggestion -- engine tune-up, including Oxygen Sensor replacement, idle adjustment if necessary, Hot Air Intake, partial grill block, and inflating to the max tire pressure you are comfortable with.

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