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Originally Posted by IndyIan View Post
I was thinking of something similar;
use an electric motor with fairly large battery pack, 110V plug in charger and an onboard electric generator to charge the batteries if your charge is dropping before you can plug in again.
Heck, add some solar panels on the hood and roof and your driving around most of an off grid electricity system.

Another interesting option is a large capacitor with an on board generator, this would be used mostly for city driving as you could use a small generator running flatout all the time to charge the capacitor which would output power in the chunks you need for city driving. Basically the generator produces only the average amount of power you need.

Thanks Ian. I've read though that solar cells really don't put out anywhere even close to what you'd need to charge an EV. In fact, I think that was a response to a previous thread of mine. Solar needs to come a long way. That said, when I have a house I can charge up from, putting in solar cells on the house would be a great way to charge up as well as cut some energy usage from my home needs.
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