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That problem has been less of a problem for me lately, reasons unknown. But the electrical wiring is beyond my understanding. The original wiring in 1962 was ungrounded but some grounded segment were patched in.

Some outlets have gone dead, but the place hasn't burnt down. [shrug]

I may have a buyer for the VW Dasher, I'm thinking seriously about immediately sinking the proceeds into an Ecoflow DELTA. It would be the nucleus of a 1260 watt-hour miicrogrid.

....also speculating about a fresnel lens solar water heater on a pole, so I don't have water piped onto the roof.

edit: Here's the Ecoflow DELTA: Accessories include 100or 160 watt solar panels, an intelligent Y cable that gangs two of them together for 2-phase 220V, and battery expansion options.

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