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Exclamation Civic Block Heater Install

So with all my spare time I have now having two kids, I decided to install my block heater that I got from NAPA last night.

Something to note: I have an aftermarket header on my VX that made installation easier by only having to remove the upper portion of it for the install. If you have the OEM Cat Converter (I will refer to it as the maniverter) still, you can remove the 12mm bolts holding the header to the block and then remove the 14/12mm exhaust bolts under the car where the maniverter meets the exhaust system.

Parts needed:
NAPA Part# BK 6053231 Engine Heater

Tools I used:
  • 12mm socket and wrench
  • 14mm socket
  • 18mm socket
  • me
  • channel locks
  • drain pan
  • BFH

First I ran the car to warm up the motor, then drained the radiator via the petcock into the drain pan.

After that I removed the upper portion of my header using the 12mm & 14mm socket and wrench when the header cooled down slightly.

Then I removed the OEM drain bolt with the 18mm socket after tapping the bolt with the BFH a few times to ensure that it would come out easily. Make sure you move the drain pan under the portion of the motor that you're working on. There is actually a little hole in the flange on the block to help guide the coolant that comes out.

I then installed the block heater and tightened using the channel locks (I did not have a 24mm socket handy to tighten it with).

Connect the cord and route it out the passenger side of the hood, then reinstall the upper portion of the header.

I ended up putting some tin foil over the cord behind the header to help keep the heat off the cord.

Sorry it's not the best DIY, I didn't feel like taking pictures at the very beginning, not much to see anyways that you can't deduce from the two pictures anyways.

Hope this helps out some people to install their block heaters on their Honda/Acura.


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