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Originally Posted by IndyIan View Post
Well the solar race cars seem to do ok I do agree that solar panels on a daily driver car aren't going to do a whole lot. If you only drive your car every couple days though it could add up. It would be a fun exercise though, instead of paying $25k for a Camry hybrid, what could you put together for the same amount of money?

Grassroots motorsports holds a $2000 car performance challenge every year. No real rules except it can't cost more than $2000, not including your labour. Then they have a bunch of races, autocross, road race, and a drag race, combine the scores and see who wins! A vacuum floor Corvette won last year, and it kills anything new short of a Viper...

Anyways we need a similar competition for car energy efficiency, no rules but $2000 and road legal... Have a 10 mile city loop with minimum allowable speeds(25mph?) and highway loop 30 miles long with minimum speeds(45mph?) as well. Lowest combined energy usage wins! Then everyone can see what works and what doesn't and build it if they can or want to.
If I ever get around to doing a build, I'd be up for it.
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