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Originally Posted by MeteorGray View Post
Yeah, coasting with the engine off has no appeal to me.

For the cost of a few extra pennies in fuel, the toll it would take on safety and in wear-and-tear on my car and my nerves make it a poor tradeoff, for me.

Not so for others.

Having choices is wonderful.
For me it depends on the circumstances.

Slow street? Slight grade? Small car? Nobody around? Then why not?

Long 8% grade mountain pass? Class B commercial vehicle fully loaded? Highway full of traffic?

Originally Posted by SDMCF View Post
That raises another issue so let's head off on a tangent. If you drive forward into a garage (or driveway in my case) then you will have to turn the car around at the start of your next trip (when the car is cold) before you can head out again. Would it use less fuel and cause less wear on the car to turn it round when you arrive home (and reverse into the garage) so that this manouver is done when the car is at full operating temperature?

My approach to my home is down hill so I sometimes turn the engine off 100m before turning into my driveway and then roll into my parking spot. It is of course difficult to turn the car around with the engine off so I rarely do that (it involves a handbrake turn in my driveway). This means I always have to turn the car around when I leave and the car is likely to be cold. Swings and roundabouts.
My guess is that re-starting the car just as you reach your house would be the most efficient.

Either that or coasting backwards from the top of the hill to your driveway...
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