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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
I never shifted to Neutral when I still had a manual.
I always just put my foot on the clutch and kill the engine, leaving the tranny in high gear ready to release the clutch to immediately restart the engine at any time necessary.
Sounds like that would cause exceptional wear at the throwout bearing and pressure plate fingers.

Originally Posted by RedRyder View Post
I will stick to just putting the manual transmission in neutral for now. (Though the ScanGuage shows less gallons per hour fuel flow in gear than idling going down a hill, go figure.)
Some engines cut fuel during "engine braking." After all, there's no need to burn fuel to slow down a vehicle. Gravity and car momentum are what keeps the engine turning.

Still, braking is braking and it's not the fuel mileage at any one moment that counts, but rather the average fuel mileage over the entire trip.

But if you need to brake anyway to keep your speed down, you're better off doing so in gear.

Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
or Summit has an electric vacuum pump kit for $200 but it needs an external relay.
What about a vacuum canister reservoir and vacuum gauge? It would seem cheaper than buying a pump and in most instances the idea is to have enough braking power for an emergency as engine braking can be done with the fuel shut off anyway.
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