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Originally Posted by Tango Charlie View Post
I believe your idea has much merit, Xringer.

I always thought that electric motors excelled at producing gobs of torque at low RPMs, allowing Forkenswift and the ElectroMetro to operate using only a couple of gears and no clutch.

But I've never built an EV.
I've never built one either, but about 10 years ago, I watched a co-worker put his EV together. I learned that building an EV is not an easy task. Something I would rather not try myself.

But, if I could convert my CRV into a mild hybrid for a reasonable cost, in time and money, that seems like a worthwhile goal.

I was just reading about the controller and other hardware used by Netgain
to convert ICE cars and trucks.
And it seems pretty complicated at first glance.

Maybe I should start off with EV go-cart.?.

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