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driving lights

Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Now that you have it done, any easy way to yank the whole driving light assembly or does it come out the front? At least you may have been able to use your right hand on the connection
With the shortening daylight, and starting late in the day, I didn't think beyond the immediate task of dent removal and re-assembly.
I'm guessing that those lights are held from behind, in tension, and do come out the front once the fasteners are removed.
The plastic electrical connectors required prying up on a springy, reed-like catch with one hand, while wiggling and applying pulling force with the other, and not breaking anything.
Ten years ago it wouldn't have been an issue. Decades of framing, carpentry, and occasional hammer blows have rendered the thumb deformed at the thumbnail, with a recurring infection, requiring lancing, drainage, and a good soaking in hydrogen peroxide at regular interval.
The wood in these old, vintage homes that I worked on turned to 'iron' over their lives. And the best US Steel couldn't stand up to a lot of it, requiring structural screws and a hammer-drill.
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