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I'd take insurance money and fix yourself. Those few items could easily be a few grand. Consider yourself lucky.

Today in Hawaii I was approaching an intersection on a green light and noticed a car in the parking lot on the right creeping aggressively towards the intersection. I lightly accelerated and moved towards the right to show that it's not his light and I don't intend to stop to let him bully his way in.

It was apparent he didn't see me so I relented and braked. Not only did he turn right in front of me, but accelerated hard into the vehicle ahead. Seemed strange for the person to not not see anyone, but they stopped after the accident, so I figured the 2 parties were exchanging insurance info and I continued around. After all, my sister has hit someone who was making a right turn before, and her excuse was "he took longer than I expected". Really bad drivers just exist.

Looking in my rearview, I saw 2 guys throwing punches, so I put the car in reverse and went back so I could help sort things out. As quick as the punches started it was over, and a shirtless man took off running and I pursued in the rental. My wife told me the cops were after him already, so I backed off, but it was only mall cops... I lost him in just that moment of backing off. So it was some sort of bizarre road rage...

Later at dinner, we witnessed a van parked right next to us have his mirror clipped by another passing vehicle. The waitress commented that we got some excitement with dinner, and I exclaimed "that's nothing, we just saw a hit and punch and literal run". She said a couple that was there just before us were the people that were hit. The story according to them was the shirtless man had robbed an O'riley's with his girlfriend and she was the driver. With traffic backed up, the shirtless man yelled at her to "just go", so she went and rammed into the people ahead of us. The O'riley's employee was chasing after, so the shirtless man got out of the crashed car and hit the employee a few times before sprinting through traffic and out of my sight.

So, my framing was continuously wrong in what I was witnessing. I thought it was a jerk trying to bully into traffic, then an inattentive driver, then a road rager... never even occurred that a robbery had taken place.

I wish my frame had been more correct initially, as I would have stopped immediately and been in good position to apprehend shirtless man. As it is, he's on the lam.

This is the intersection I observed everything;

Imagine that Red Nissan creeping out into the pedestrian zone while I have the green and then ramming into the car ahead.
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