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I have a slight case of bent frame!

That metal piece above where the passenger headlight goes:

I filed a report when I got home and called the body shop that is supposed to inspect my vehicle the first thing this morning, but nobody answered, and there wasn't voice mail. I e-mailed and haven't heard back.

I am sure that when I finally get a hold of the body shop they will love that I removed the broken parts, but I needed to make it drivable!

The pick-your-part doesn't show a front bumper assembly, but it has a front bumper cover, so I am sure that it has the small bent brackets that I also need to replace. If the hood and bumper are $50 each hopefully those are also reasonably-priced.

USAA called and said I should hear from the body shop within 24 hours.

The crash was 27 hours ago!

My insurance friend said that State Farm doesn't cover the deductible, but USAA said the accident wasn't my fault, so I am covered. They use the actual-cash value "Which is like Kelley, but not opinion-based."

Is Carfax opinion-based like Kelley? I updated my mileage and it says that in good condition my car is worth $3,300.

He said the computer automatically flags some vehicles as a total loss, but this didn't happen with mine.

Hopefully they have my Camry back on the road... eventually... but if they declare it a total loss I just hope there is a large difference between the salvage value and the check.

Then I would plan a trip to California and ask a lady in L.A. that I met on-line to meet me. She sent me many pictures from fixing her own cars the other day.

It was attractive!

I wouldn't necessarily ask her to help, although that would always be welcome, but it would be great to have some company, and meet her while I am in the area.
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