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I'd love to have a tablet or a PC full of neat instrument readouts since I'm an unrepentant gauge freak and have installed them on every vehicle I've ever owned. (I even put a Stewart Warner mechanical oil temperature gauge in the oil drain hole of an air-cooled lawnmower a few decades ago. BTW, the temps on that air-cooled Yazoo only got to around 200F or so IIRC; cooler than I thought they would be. But I digress...)

Although I've got a Scangauge in my Mazda3 because it gives me four gauges in a tiny space that I found a place for, and a couple of electric gauges that give me the oil pressure and oil temperature that I had to stick way down at the very bottom of the dash, I can't imagine trying to shoehorn a large computer screen somewhere in that small cockpit.

To help me read gauges with small numbers at my advanced age, I bought bifocal sunglasses with 1.5x inserts to enable sharp vision on sunny days. For overcast or nighttime driving and also for computer screens at home, I use a quality 1.5x monocle that works out very well for me since I hate to wear glasses for hours on end and create those big red dents on my substantial nose:
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