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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I might have asked you this already: what's the wattage of the heater?

Looking forward to your impressions after using it.
400W is the listed wattage in the spec sheet.

My first impression for this morning's commute:

I need to pick up a timer so it can turn on just a couple hours before I need to go to work. I had it plugged in for 7.5 hours this morning (I know, bad me).

This morning's temperature was -5°F with a wind chill near -16°F.
Beginning intake temps were at 56.5°F (I installed a digital temp display, but that will be another post). Temperature inside my garage was ~28°F.

The car reached operating temps within 1 minute and 1/2 mile. It would normally take the car ~4 miles to reach temp otherwise. Intake temps plummeted to 5°F while cruising and would creep up to ~50°F depending on length of time stopped at a light. (need to get that WAI back in the car)

I still can't afford a SuperMID to get instantaneous results, but I should see a slight increase in my mpg after a couple tanks.

Overall, I think this will be worth the initial cost and should see it pay for itself in the first year.

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