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Hot Air intake vs. Cold Air... why or why not?

As I'm going through the posts here and other places. I'm seeing a split between people who feel hot air intake is better vs cold air intake for FE.

When I was a kid, I had a step-uncle who was a diesel mechanic and he loved to build and run high output gas engines for racing. In favor of nitrous oxide, he told me that one benefit of nitrous was a colder burn. He said that for every degree he burned cooler, he gained 3 HP...OR, since it was so long ago, it could have been 3 degrees cooler gains 1 HP. I don't remember which but he was in favor of a colder burn.

I'm not sure how that applies concerning intake air temperatures but I have seen several posts that have stated that cold air intakes are less efficient and that it has been proven. Is this true? I'm asking because out of all the mods I've seen talked about here, the hot/cold air intake mod seems to be the easiest to start with for a nooblet like myself.

So, if you're in favor of hot air intake, what kinda hot air we talkin' about? Just something drawing from somewhere around the exhaust manifold or a conductive metal running directly along the engine block? I bet there would be a big difference between the two.

Have you seen it's benefits? Got pics, links or quotes? What are the dangers?

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