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Originally Posted by Joe_Bloe View Post
if your diff is OK, what about this:

mate up a cheap CVT from a scooter to the input of the diff. put the 5-10kw motor on the CVT. That way you get some torque multiplication at low speeds, but at high speeds when you want the motor to free-wheel, the CVT will gear the motor higher and reduce drag.
I'm not sure a CVT or anything would be needed.
The Honda RT4WD system works kinda different. When the rear wheels turn,
they drive a pump(s?) and so does the propeller shaft from the transfer case up front. (The call it a Dual-Pump system).

If the front wheels start turning faster than the rears rear wheels,
(ice or mud) the difference in pump pressure engages the clutch,
allowing drive to the rear wheels..

So, all I would need to do to engage the rear wheels, is put some good
RPMs on the diff.. (Trick it into thinking the front wheels were spinning)..

I would rather not mess with that thing, since it's going to load up the wheels and it's heavy..

It would be a lot easier just to drive one wheel..
What would be the drawbacks to that?

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