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Originally Posted by dylanu View Post
yeah by 50mph i meant thats the fastest i have ever driven it at all ever. on the highway but ive only been on the highway in it once since ive had it. in the city the max i go is 45 in a 45. i mainly just drive it to work which ive optimized the route and friends houses which one certain one has a steep hill to climb to get there and an even steeper hill while leaving. but other than that i guess im gonna have to find somewhere to get a cheap tune up
This is going to sound counter productive to FE, but if you are just driving the car in the city all of the time it might help to take it out on the highway every once in a while and open it up. This will help keep the engine cleaned out and may help your FE. I'm not suggesting doing this every day, but to do it once or twice a month would probably be beneficial.

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